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FreePPP 2.5 Setup
  1. Select "Open FreePPP Setup" under the FreePPP Icon on the right side of the Menu Bar (or double-click the FreePPP Setup application on your hard drive) and click on the little triangle to expand the dialog box.
  2. Click on the "General" tab.

    FreePPP Setup

  3. Click the "Modem Setup" button.
    1. Select the Port that your modem is connected to.
    2. Select the dial type for your telephone.
    3. Check "Modem speaker..." and "Hangup on disconnect"
    4. Choose the button for "Use init string from account configuration" ("AutoDetect init string" may work now so try it if you like).
    5. Click OK.
  4. Click on the "Accounts" tab.
    1. If your TCP was already configured before installing FreePPP 2.5, then the setup name is in the window on the left, highlight it and select "Edit". OTHERWISE, select the "New" button.

      FreePPP Setup

    2. In the "Server name:" field, type "MtNet".
    3. Enter the phone number that you use to connect to MountaiNet.
    4. Check either or both of the next two boxes if needed.
    5. In the "Connect:" popup menu select "Directly".
    6. In the "User name:" field, type your account name exactly as given to you when you signed up - it is case sensitive.
    7. In the "Password:" field, type your password exactly as given to you when you signed up - it is case sensitive, too.
    8. Click OK.

    FreePPP Setup

  5. Click on the "Connection" tab.
    1. select desired speed (at least one setting higher than your modem's rating, e.g. if you have a 14400 bps modem, select 19200) from the "Port Speed:" popup menu.
    2. from the "Flow Control:" popup menu, select "CTS&RTS(DTR)" if using a port speed of 19200 bps or above and a hardware handshaking cable, otherwise select "None".
    3. in the "Modem Init" field, leave it blank. If this doesn't work, then try AT&F1 or AT&F or AT&F2 (see your modem manual for details.)
    4. Click OK.

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